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Green Boom’s mats provide rapid absorption for marine, land and industrial environments.


Mats quickly pick up oil and grease from many surfaces and environments. Strong UV resistant cotton fabric made to fit in very tight places. Easy to reuse the mat and the spilled oil by simply squeezing out the liquid.


  • Excellent absorbent for oil and fuel spills without absorbing a drop of water.
  • Agglomerates and locks in oil for easy cleanup.
  • Completely Hydrophobic.
  • Absorbs Oil Only.
  • Completely Biodegradable.
  • 100% Green Product.
  • Not recommended for acidic, basic, or corrosive liquids.
    • The flexible material is made to fit in very tight spaces, whilst having excellent oil absorption capacity on land, water and industry environments.
    • Strong UV resistant cotton fabric for long-term outdoor use. Passive absorption in wells or under leaking equipment is no match for our mats!
    • No need to view the spilled oil as lost, with these mats one can easily squeeze out the oil to use the oil and the mat again, providing benefits to the environment and the wallet.

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