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Green Boom article in Springwise

Green Boom has been featured in a recent article by Springwise, highlighting our innovative and eco-friendly approach to cleaning oil spills. The article mentions that oil spills happens much more frequently that one might initially think, and to clean this up it has previously been made with plastic absorbents that annually created around 9.000 tonnes of waste, ending up in landfills.

The article by Springwise continues with stating that in order to make clean-ups more sustainable Green Boom has developed a line of innovative and compostable oil absorbents. The absorbents rapidly soak up oil, several times the product's own weight and are made with tear-resistant fabric filled with natural fibers that repels water. All products are completely made of biomass and are sustainably sourced.

Springwise is a platform that curates and shares innovative business ideas and trends from around the world. It acts as a global innovation discovery engine, providing insights into emerging technologies, business models, and societal shifts. It scouts and identifies ground-breaking concepts and start-ups across various industries, ranging from technology and healthcare to sustainability and design. The platform aims to inspire entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors by showcasing examples of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

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