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Newsletter December

Green Boom newsletter

Dear Green Boom community,

As we wrap up another dynamic year at Green Boom, we are thrilled to share the latest updates and exciting developments with you in our December newsletter. From welcoming new team members to participating in key industry events, Green Boom is making waves in the world of sustainable spill response.


Recent articles about Green Boom

We are proud to announce that Green Boom has been featured in several news articles over the last couple of weeks. These include SME10X, Saudi Herald, Gulf Today, Zawya and Gulf News. With attention to Green Boom's innovation and motivations, the articles primarily focus on the composition of the products, the advancements in the Middle East, and the benefits of our revolutionizing absorbents.

SME10X: The article focuses on the shortage of climate-responsive projects and funding in emerging markets. In the article our CEO and co-founder Dr. Sudhir Sharma expresses the need to prioritize financial resources for a transition to net zero whilst also pointing to the positive development in countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Herald: With attention to Green Boom's innovation and motivations, the article mentions the composition of the products, the advancements in the Middle East, and the benefits of our revolutionizing absorbents.

Gulf News: Highlights the motivation behind Green Boom's innovation and the following stages of our development.

Zawya: CEO Sudhir Sharma discusses Green Boom's products and their potential to transform spill prevention in the Middle East.

Gulf Today: The article mentions the successful field trial Green Boom conducted with ADNOC Group, the motivation behind the innovation, and much more.

Recent articles about Green Boom


Middle Eastern Team Announcement

Our Qatar office is buzzing with new energy!

Green Boom new team members

We proudly welcome Casper, Asena, and Hadyl to the Green Boom team. As part of our commitment to building a diverse and talented team, these individuals bring unique skills and experiences to further elevate Green Boom's presence in the Middle East.

Asena and Hadyl join as Regional Sales Managers, reporting to Casper, our Operations Manager. Together, they form a powerhouse team ready to drive innovation and success in the region.


Green Boom Event with Qatar Energy

In November Green Boom hosted a Zero-Waste Spill Response Event in Doha for QatarEnergy. The event aimed to explore how Green Boom can assist QatarEnergy in achieving Zero Waste in all their spill response activities.

During the event, our Green Boom team introduced our Qatar division, affirming our role as the regional hub for MENA activities. Sudhir Sharma, PhD, our CEO, led the technical discussion on product technology and showcased our innovative products.

Additionally, the Green Boom team presented case studies conducted with ADNOC, Saudi Aramco, and AMBIPAR, focusing on full cycle use of our absorbent, sludge handling, and soil remediation, highlighting the groundbreaking circular and remediation processes of Green Boom products.


GPCA Annual Forum

Green Boom has also been participating in the GPCA Annual Forum, an event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts in the field of petrochemicals to discuss the latest trends, advancements, and sustainable practices.

The discussions centered around eco-friendly practices, circular economy models, and reducing environmental impact. Green Boom is committed to these principles, and attending the forum supports our dedication to creating a positive environmental footprint.

At the event, our Regional Sales Managers Hadyl Harbiye and Asena KIR explored potential partnerships and synergies that align with our mission to revolutionize the industry through sustainable solutions. We're excited about the possibilities that have emerged and to contribute to a greener and cleaner future.


Recent Conferences & Exhibitions

Green Boom has also been exhibiting at ADIPEC, Greener Manufacturing and Clean Gulf. As always, it was a pleasure to make new relationships and reconnect with all of the great people in this industry.

At ADIPEC our CEO and Co-Founder Sudhir Sharma also held a presentation about achieving sustainability through circularity and resource efficiency.

We appreciate all of the great discussions and interest in our revolutionizing oil absorbents with the incredible people within the industry. Together we can limit the plastic waste created by oil spill cleanups and increase the use of renewable agricultural resources.

View the highlights from ADIPEC:


As we approach the end of 2023, we express our gratitude for your continued support. Together, let's continue making strides towards a greener and cleaner future!

Best regards,

The Green Boom Team


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