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Green Boom Corporation to showcase product line at Clean Gulf Conference

Oil-absorbent company to exhibit and demo at 2021 Clean Gulf Conference in San Antonio, Nov. 16-18

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2021 / -- Green Boom, a revolutionary line of eco-friendly absorbent products, is excited to attend the 2021 Clean Gulf Conference in San Antonio on Nov. 16-18. As the leading oil absorbent manufacturer, Green Boom will introduce its USDA Biopreferred ‘green’ absorbents including booms, socks, pillows, spill kits and loose absorbent. Clean Gulf educates executive leadership teams from maritime, facilities, rail, pipeline and governmental agencies with the most up-to-date practices and challenging issues for spill prevention, response and remediation for all parties involved in the oil spill process.

“Green Boom looks forward to participating in this year’s Clean Gulf Conference and meeting with the incredible business leaders in attendance,” said Sudhir Sharma, CEO of Green Boom. “By spreading awareness of our revolutionary line of oil-spill response products, we will share information about our game-changing absorbents that will benefit these business leaders and the environment.”

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Clean Gulf is North America’s largest annual spill prevention and response event covering real-world best practices and lessons learned. Clean Gulf covers regionally specific issues facing the Southern U.S. by opening discussions on case studies and previous lessons learned while simultaneously offering industry professionals the opportunity to discover the latest technologies advancing prevention and response operations. Attendees will discover new strategies, solutions and working relationships that will effectively arm organizations in future detrimental incidents.

Green Boom is the only 100% biodegradable line of oil-only absorbents suitable for large spill response, industrial and transportation MRO, and safety spill kits. Available in industry-standard pillows, socks, booms and loose absorbents, its green alternative products have a larger capacity, faster absorbency, and are more durable than polypropylene at a comparable price. Made in the USA, Green Boom’s patent-pending technology converts renewable, biodegradable and low-value agricultural materials into water-repellent, oil-only absorbents. These green absorbents are making an impact in industries such as OSRO, MRO, Aviation and Transportation.

Additionally, Green Boom is proud to announce expansion efforts overseas into Italy through a partnership with Anima, Germany with Swissport and Nigeria with Okama Infinity. This expansion is carving out a path for worldwide distribution to take the company’s business to the next level. Green Boom has also received a product registration permit by NOSDRA and DPR to use its absorbents for the purpose of oil spill clean-up and site remediation in Nigeria, creating a breeding ground for positive impacts in the oil and gas industry and overall environment.

For more information about Green Boom and its bio-based, oil-only absorbent products, please visit To learn more about the Clean Gulf Conference, visit


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