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Where are our previous interns today?

Tindra Falk and Lina Nashabat's journeys at Green Boom exemplify the company's dynamic and supportive environment. Tindra, starting as a Sales Intern in 2022, swiftly became the Global Marketing Lead and Lina's path from Junior Sales Executive to Business Development Consultant underscores Green Boom's commitment to talent development. Both stories highlight the company's inclusive culture and opportunities for growth, where mentorship and continuous learning thrive.

Tindra Falk - Sales Intern June 2022 to December 2022.

Tindra started as an intern with Green Boom right after graduating with her bachelor's degree in Business Administration at a university in Sweden in June 2022. Her first day at the job was at Interspill in Amsterdam, a well-known exhibition within the oil spill cleanup industry. 

“I was a bit nervous for my first day, as I had flown to another country to meet people I had never met before, promoting a product that I had never seen. But my worries were not for long when Parker, at the time Sales Director at Green Boom, met me with a huge smile.” For Tindra, getting right into the job with an exhibition was great as she immediately got familiar with the product, brand, and industry. “I had a great time! Not only did I have a great excuse for asking all types of questions to people at the fair, but I also quickly made connections with key industry professionals”. 

Her time as an intern was filled with various tasks, and she quickly proved her diverse skill sets. “Since my first day at Green Boom, I have never felt like an intern. I got responsibilities from day one and have always felt that my superiors believed in me and my capabilities. It is a thriving environment that I do not take for granted.” She also expresses her gratitude for Sudhir Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Green Boom, “... [Sudhir] is a great inspiration to me. His warm heart and genuine concern for others created a welcoming atmosphere since day one.”

Tindra is now our Global Marketing Lead and is working remotely out of Madrid, Spain. “I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to stay within Green Boom, whilst also seeing more of the world. I sometimes remind myself of how lucky I can be that my first full-time job is something I am very passionate about and get to work with all these incredible people.” 

What has so far been the most memorable moment with Green Boom: 

“One thing that always makes me giggle happened during Halloween 2023. I took an Uber to a friend's house and started talking about my job with the driver. As it is a quite niche industry, I rarely meet people who work in related fields, but little did I know that this driver was deeply involved and became one of my greatest contacts. However, this was Halloween… hence I was wearing a full Super Mario costume. I don't think I will ever again exchange business cards whilst wearing a fake moustache.”


Lina Nashabat - Sales Intern June 2023 to December 2023.

Lina's journey at Green Boom is a testament to the company's commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for growth. Having moved from Sweden to the United States after completing her master's degree in International Business and Trade, Lina started on an exciting career path that led her to her current role as a Business Development Consultant at our European office in the Netherlands.

It all began during her internship at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta, GA, where she first learned about Green Boom. Inspired by the company's mission and innovative products, Lina seized the opportunity to join the team as a Junior Sales Executive. Reflecting on her first day at Green Boom, Lina recalls receiving a motivational notebook from Parker Pruett, our VP of Operations, with the empowering message, "You got this." From that moment on, Parker became not only a mentor but also a source of inspiration as she navigated her new role.

Embracing the dynamic environment at Green Boom, Lina eagerly took on various tasks and challenges, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the oil cleanup industry. Her enthusiasm for sales quickly became evident, prompting a shift in her responsibilities towards sales-focused tasks. Lina shares, "What's great about working at Green Boom is that you get to figure out what you're good at and do more of that. It helps you get better at your job. But you also get to try new things. I enjoyed growing fast because Green Boom gave me chances to do different tasks."

Today, as a Business Development Consultant, Lina still uses her love for sales and her strong knowledge of Green Boom's products and goals to help the company grow in Europe. Her path from starting as an intern to now being in a leadership role shows how Green Boom supports people in learning and growing. "Starting my career at Green Boom, I feel lucky. There's so much opportunity here, and I'm glad I can talk to our CEO, or anyone else in the company, whenever I need advice. The culture of fairness among everyone is truly admirable. Witnessing my personal growth aligning with the company's progress is a remarkable experience, one I deeply value and will always cherish." 

What has so far been the most memorable moment with Green Boom: 

My best memory with Green Boom must be at my first spill clean up conference in San Antonio, Texas. The experience of being surrounded by industry experts and absorbing vast amounts of knowledge was invaluable. I felt like a sponge, eagerly soaking up information and making new connections”. 


The experiences of Tindra Falk and Lina Nashabat offer a glimpse into Green Boom's culture of empowerment and growth. From internships to leadership roles, their journeys underscore the company's commitment to fostering talent. Green Boom's dynamic and inclusive environment, coupled with mentorship and ample learning opportunities, has not only propelled individual careers but also contributed to the company's overall success. As Tindra and Lina continue to thrive in their roles, their stories serve as testaments to Green Boom's dedication to creating a workplace where passion, learning, and professional development converge.


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