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Green Boom Hydrophobic Oil-Absorbent Demo

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) estimate that from each unit of oil spilled, about 10 times that amount of waste is introduced into the environment. A large proportion of this waste is in the form of absorbents, which are polypropylene based. Most, if not all, of these absorbent materials are single-use and end up in a landfill after the oil spill site has been cleaned.

This is equivalent to simply moving the oil from the spill site to a landfill.

The waste from absorbents is incredibly problematic because it will never biodegrade in the landfill, posing an ongoing environmental hazard. This has been the case for decades because the only oil absorbents on the market have been largely polypropylene-based.

Green Boom’s revolutionary line of eco-friendly absorbent products works for oil spill prevention, response and remediation in marine, land and industrial environments. Our unique technology converts renewable, biodegradable and low-value agricultural materials into water-repellent, oil-only absorbents. Green Boom has developed oil-only absorbents that are completely biodegradable. In addition to being environmentally friendly, our absorbents also have better performance and re-use value than traditional polypropylene-based absorbents.

We are excited for Green Boom’s technology to change the oil clean-up industry and ensure a greener future.

This example video demonstrates how our Oil-Only Absorbent Pillow quickly and efficiently soaks up the oil floating on top of the water without absorbing any of the water.


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