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Oil spill Cleanup

About Green Boom

For too long oil spill cleanup has mainly been done with polypropylene-based absorbents. A plastic waste issue that is seldom spoken about, but annually generates 8000 tons of oil-soaked plastics that end up in landfills around the world, taking years to break down into microplastics. The founders of Green Boom never thought that made sense. 

An oil spill issue solved with a plastic waste issue

Green Boom Founders

Through extensive research and testing starting in Atlanta 2019, the founders Sudhir Sharma, Phd and Yulin Deng, Phd, developed a lineup of innovative and 100% biodegradable products. Absorbents that clean the environment, just as well as the polypropylene equivalents, but without generating waste. That's how we got our name, we make Green Booms, simple as that.


Biodegradable Oil absorbent
biodegradable oil absorbent
biodegradable oil absorbent

In as little as four weeks our products biodegrade. Compare that to the time it takes for plastic to break down!

So you don't have to choose between price and quality or sustainability

Although, products have to be more than just sustainable to sell. That's why the Green Boom absorbents also have a high absorption capacity, heat resistance, are easy to reuse and priced competitively.

Green Boom locations

In 2021 we started our manufacturing in Norcross, outside Atlanta. One year later Green Boom opened up a European sales office and partnered up with companies in the Middle East, to supply globally with the revolutionary line of absorbents. In 2024 the manufacturing moved to Duluth, GA to increase the production capacity.

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Green Boom, a pioneering Clean-Tech company, revolutionizing the way oil clean-ups are managed. Green Boom offers a holistic Oil to Soil solution that no other company can! Our patented Sorbents, combined with an Oil-Eating Microbe, and Composting process not only solve oil clean-ups but actively contribute to our planet's health. 

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