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Led by a team with broad chemical engineering experience, Green Boom created a technology that converts renewable and biodegradable agricultural byproducts into water-repellent, oil-only absorbents.

Sudhir Sharma, PhD

Co - Founder & CEO

Sudhir is the Co-Founder & CEO of Green Boom Corp. After witnessing the devastating effect oil spills have on the environment, he sought a better and greener clean up solution. Sudhir has published multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles with numerous collaborations and has won awards for his research and conference presentations. Sudhir holds an MS and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He also earned a B.E. with First Class Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Auckland.

Prof. Yulin Deng

Co - Founder & CSO

Yulin is the Co-Founder & CSO of Green Boom Corp. Yulin has published 275 peer-reviewed papers, one e-book, eight book chapters, and has received four patents. Yulin is an elected Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science and a professor in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech. He has received several awards, including the AIChE Forest Bioproducts Division Chase Award in 2013 and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology President Research Award in 2020.

Bob Cramer

Business & Strategy Advisor

Bob is a seasoned investor & entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in building, running, and investing in technology companies. Bob was a founder, CEO and Chairman of A.D.A.M., a health and anatomical information provider, and spearheaded the company’s IPO in 1995 through its sale in 2010. Bob also co-founded ThePort Network, an early social networking platform company, which today is part of Canopy Workforce Solutions. In addition to numerous other roles he’s played throughout his illustrious career, Bob also served as the Chairman of the Board of the Metro-Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless for 15 years.

Bilal Malik

Advisor & Legal Counsel 

Bilal concentrates his practice on securities and taxation with a specific focus on representing private and registered investment companies; registered investment advisers of both U.S. and non-U.S. hedge/investment funds; mutual funds; private equity and real estate syndicates; and commodity pools. Bilal’s significant legal expertise and practical approach enable him to provide the highest quality representation to his diverse group of clients

Matt Rosenhaft

Business Development 

Matt is a seasoned CMO with more than 25 years of experience running marketing, sales, and product organizations. He has started, turned around, and advised companies in 150+ markets. He specializes in the adoption of emerging and disruptive complex technologies. Matthew has experience in all elements of revenue generation including product lifecycle management, strategic market development, sales execution for accelerating complex technology market adoption, and explosive revenue growth. He has extensive experience in raising early-stage angel funding and venture capital. He also holds multiple patents in the wireless space.

Tim Pusieko

Sales Lead & Account Manager

Tim is a seasoned VP Sales/Business Development Executive and has served in sales leadership roles in several venture capital backed and private equity backed businesses. With more than 35 years of experience in building sales organizations and revenue generation, Tim specializes in accelerating complex technology adoption. He is responsible for building and managing the company's business development.


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