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Loose Sorbent Sheen

Loose Sorbent Sheen

Green Boom’s water surface use sorbents provide rapid absorption in marine environments. 

Loose sorbents are most often used to remove final traces of oil, or in areas that cannot be reached by skimmers. Eliminate the slippery sheen!


  • Excellent absorbent for oil and fuel spills without absorbing a drop of water.
  • Agglomerates and locks in oil for easy cleanup.
  • Completely Hydrophobic.
  • Absorbs Oil Only.
  • Completely Biodegradable.
  • 100% Green Product.
  • Not recommended for acidic, basic, or corrosive liquids.
    • Fast-wicking cellulose-based granules begin to soak up liquid the moment they touch the spill.
    • Lightweight absorbent is easier than clay to carry and use without injury.

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